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"Shale (oil and gas) is not a revolution -- it's a retirement party.
Shale plays were not some great new idea. 
They became important only as more attractive plays were exhausted."

Art Berman

How to survive summer without air conditioning.  For some this is a necessity, for others it is a choice.  2017 edition of what has become an annual presentation. 5/29/17

Printable flyers for use in disaster situations - download and copy in advance of disasters, so you have them on hand to organize a grassroots response in the event of a long-lasting catastrophe.

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Why lower gasoline prices signal the end of the oil age.
  This link automatically downloads a word processing file with the article.

The End of Fossil Energy
Online book with the chapter and verse showing why Peak Oil hasn't gone away and why lower gasoline prices actually signal the end of the oil age. A book length treatment of the topics in the shorter essay in the link above.

100 years of Natural Gas Supplies?
Not at these prices, writes Art Berman. 9.8.2016

The coming moonshot in oil price

a podcast presentation from Peak Prosperity,
interviewing Art Berman, 7.3.16

World Oil Production and Consumption
Charts comparing world oil production and consumption, 2005-2011.   In six of those years, world oil consumption exceeded world oil production.  World oil production increased by 2.692 billion barrels/day.  37% of that increase was due to corn ethanol. Did you know that the government includes corn ethanol production statistics in its world oil production statistics? 

The Essentials. . .

Compendium of Useful Information, access to 2 gigabytes of information about sustainable and resilient living that meets the challenges of  peak energy, climate instability, economic irrationality, toxic politics, war and violence. Updated July 2011 to Version 1.1.

Printable flyers for use in disaster situations - download and copy in advance of disasters, so you have them on hand to organize a grassroots response in the event of a long-lasting catastrophe.

Gatewood Urban Homestead: City living that meets the challenges of peak oil, climate instability, and economic irrationality.
I have completed the permaculture design for my house near downtown Oklahoma City. It is 185 pages, with maps and indices. You can buy a copy as a PDF download, for $10.00. Table of Contents and pictures at this link.

Resources for Learning Permaculture - a collection of links to various sources for learning about permaculture.

Prairie Rose Permaculture - Lifestyle design for the 21st century that meets the challenges of peak oil, peak food, climate instability, and economic irrationality - my new permaculture practice, offering online permaculture education worldwide and design consulting in the Oklahoma area.

20 Resilient Responses for Troubled Economic Times - act now to protect your household from the triple threats of peak oil, climate instability, and economic irrationality. PDF, please feel free to make copies to give to friends, families, or to leave in public literature racks.

Two value priced/high return energy conservation innovations: the Chest Refrigerator and the On-Off Switch for an Electric Water Heater.

Mutual Aid of Oklahoma City - a page dedicated to the accumulating resources relating to our Plan C for OKC permaculture pre-design of a contingency plan for collapse of the economic, energy, and food distribution systems in central Oklahoma - local, grassroots household and neighborhood disaster preparations. Brainstorming charts from our Sept 20, 2008 workshop.

Permaculture songs! New lyrics for traditional tunes that teach permaculture ideas.

Peak Oil/Running On Empty Information Resource Directory

Political satire from your Editor: Dear America, by Osama bin Laden, and Dear Oklahoma Politicians, by Osama bin Laden . PDF documents you can copy and distribute! To make it easy to turn them into postcards, here are PDF's in postcard format: Dear America postcard | Dear Oklahoma Politicians postcard . And for folks outside of the state of Oklahoma, we have Dear Congress including a postcard version, suitable for copying. Postcard versions are a standard postcard format, four on an 8-1/2 x 11 page. HTML Version

Other Energy-related Links at this site. . .

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March 27, 2012: US Shale Oil: Expectation and Experience
Debunking the magical thinking popular these days about future US oil production.

February 27, 2010 - A Crime Against Nature - photos of the destruction of the Robinson Street underpass and the rail yards of Union Station, by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation's I-40 Crosstown Freeway Relocation Program.

March 17, 2009: New Printable Flyer - What to do in an extreme civil emergency. PDF version. This flyer is customized for Oklahoma City. Here is a rich text version that you can edit to customize the flyer for your own local situation, wherever you are. RTF version

Hohenwald Local Food - text of some background info I prepared last year for the Financial Permaculture meeting in Hohenwald, Tennessee.

September 6, 2008: This year I am one of the instructors with the Barking Frogs Permaculture Online Permaculture Design Course.

June 30, 2008: Plan C for OKC planning workshop, September 20, 2008 in OKC.

June 20, 2008: The Bulgar Bugle! My latest website, "supporting the sustainable, just, and frugal kitchen." Our motto: Always Make Extra Bulgar. All things bulgarish and seitanish.

June 17, 2008: Printable flyers to promote sustainability, frugality, and community resilience. Download, print, copy, or send as email attachments, html and pdf versions.

Summary charts for energy use, 2003-2007 , illustrating the reduction in BTU use and cost savings/return on investment as a result of the Extreme Green Renovation of our Craftsman bungalow in Oklahoma City, chart updated to include 2007 statistics..

Keeping warm in a winter emergency . Newly revised and improved. For winter emergency situations, including information on what to do in case of utility cut-offs or prolonged power outages during the winter. Make copies and give to your friends!

November 13, 2007: 2008 Winter Flyer , Managing Winter Energy Bills. . Lots of ideas for reducing your winter energy bills.

June 25, 2007: How to stay comfortable and safe in the hot summer , PDF file suitable for printing and copying. Ideas for folks who want to keep cool without using air conditioning. Note: this flyer is being distributed in central Oklahoma, and thus is climate specific. However, much of the info will work in other areas.

June 18, 2007: Summary charts for energy use, 2003-2006 , illustrating the 50% reduction in BTU use as a result of the Extreme Green Renovation of our Craftsman bungalow in Oklahoma City.

Mass Transit Talking Points , April 25, 2007

Welcome speech to the Oklahoma Sustainability Network annual conference, April 21, 2007

Keeping warm in a winter emergency January 12, 2007

30 Days Towards Sustainability - a new series highlighting practical actions people can do to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle

Keynote Address , September 15, 2006, at the Oklahoma Sustainability Network annual conference, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Extreme Green Makeover in Oklahoma City - details of the on-going "extreme green makeover of our house in Oklahoma City (a 1929 Craftsman bungalow).

Summer 2006 flyer (the 2006 version of the "keeping cool in the summer" page)

Keeping cool in the summer , without risking a heart attack when opening your electricity bill.

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